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Amazing product. I had dark stains following my procedures for both varicose and spider veins on the lower half of my leg. Even though I started using Hiruval 35 about six months after the procedures, the amount of discoloration that was removed was excellent. I used it 3 times per day. It works - also is good for bruising. - M. M., Chicago, IL

"We have used your sample cream for several patients and have had excellent interim results." - Dr. E. W., MD, Chesapeake, VA

The 'black and blue' disappeared in two weeks of three-times-a-day application. I am grateful to you and your company for supplying the cream." - Dr. N. S., MD, Chicago, IL

"...patients who received and used Hiruval 35 cream report an impressive diminution of brown discoloration following sclerotherapy." - Dr. B. P., MD, Westport, CT

"...results were seen quickly compared to the bleaching creams tried in the past." - Dr. D. I., Chesapeake, VA

"I have used Hiruval 35 Evanescent Cream...and the results were excellent." - Dr. D. G., Ontario, Canada

Very effective. Great tool to have available for patients. - Dr. R. R., Chicago, IL

Effective...its working to help the bruising go away - Dr. J. S., Los Angeles, CA

Used for post inflamatory pigmentation and chicken pox and acne with good results and moderate fading relatively quickly. - Anonymous

Safe, effective for hyperpigmentation - Dr. M. T., Meadowbrook, PA

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